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Can Cuticle Peeling be caused by lack of Vitamins?

Many people get peeling cuticles.  Some said it was caused by lack of vitamin B6 or C.  Could that be true?

According to dermatologist, the peeling and cracking of the cuticles has nothing to do with lacking of vitamins or minerals.  It actually is a sign off under hydration of the body.  This is especially true for those with eczema.  On the other hand, frequent handwashing, using detergent on bare hand and gel nail are major external accomplices. Since the process of making gel nail requires the removal of the surrounding cuticle, the protective seal has been broken.  This increase the chance of peeling cuticles, as well as infection by fungus and bacteria.

What to do with peeling cuticles

Many people simply tear it off. This worsen the problem since they end up with a bigger peeling area.  Sometimes it may even draw blood which increases the chance of infection and leave a scar behind.  In fact, even if you leave it alone, The skin will metabolize and the peeling will heal anyways.  If the peeling is really too unsightful, you can slightly clip it off with a nail clipper.  Be careful not to go overboard though.

Can cuticle peeling be prevented?

Skin lotions can do a good job to prevent the cuticle from drying out.   For better hydration, after apply a layer of moisturizing factor(humectant), cover over with a layer of occlusive such as vaseline.    This can retain moisture and keep the skin better hydrated.  As for the question why peeling usually appears on the site of the fingers, some doctors pointed out that people usually only moisturize their palms. Area around the finger nails are neglected.  That is why the two sides of the fingers are especially dry. Therefore, never miss The area around the nails when you apply handcream.

Hope you would say goodbye to cuticle peeling.

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