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Health Secret behind the Nails – What do different Colors mean

On our previous post, we mentioned that spots, lines and shininess on the nails indicate different health conditions of the body.  This time, we are going to focus on color.

Why can Nails be different in color?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are many acu-points around the nails. This means under each nail it is a hub for blood and energy flow.  Therefore, hidden health condition of the body may reveal through color of the nails.

Nails looking whitish signals insufficiency of blood.  If pale color is accompanied by having dents on the nails, it May be Iron deficiency anemia.   Dark brown nails can be caused by Poor function of the kidneys.  Green or yellow nails means weak lungs. If the skin is also yellowish, it can mean jaundice or hepatitis.  Purple red nails indicate poor blood circulation or even cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and lung disease.  Blackish nails might appear on people who are undergoing chemotherapy.  Black lines on the nails may just be longitudinal melanonychia which occurs when pigments under the nails become excessive.  This does not need to call for a concern.  However, if the lines darken or widen in time, it can be a kind of skin cancer called subungual melanoma. 

What does it say in western medical practice?

If the nails are pale, that means poor nutrition or anemia. If the nails suddenly turned white, that means the body is suffering from emergency problems such as bleeding or even coma.  Liver failure maybe reflected through white nails.  The person should go check with a doctor quickly. Furthermore, grey nails can mean lack of oxygen or fungal infection.  Yellow nail can be  stain of tobacco tar, or it can be Vitamin E deficiency.

Health Tips:

Many people are way too busy.  To improve your health, it is important to nourish the livers and kidneys.  Alcohol and cigarettes are enemies to healthy nails. Quit them soon!  Also, be sure not to over exert your body and have plenty of rest.


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