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Icy Nail Art | 2024 Summer Cool and Ice Cube Nail Art Recommendations

With the recent scorching weather and temperatures soaring, how can we refresh our fingertips and beat the heat? This summer time, we are here to introduce a few nail art trends with a cool and translucent visual effect called “Icy Nail Art” (also known as Ice Cube Nail Art). It has been gaining popularity in Japan, South Korea, and on platforms like Little Red Book (XHS). By using transparent nail polish combined with three-dimensional gel and glass paper, it creates a magical shimmer and a glass-like effect that resembles ice cubes. Just looking at it gives a refreshing and cooling sensation, making it perfect for summer!

1. Blue Crystal Gemstones

The blue crystal gemstones resemble the sparkling clear lake under sunlight, shimmering on your fingertips and creating a charming and romantic vibe.


2. Colorful Galaxy

On a clean and transparent nail surface, it looks like a dazzling and colorful galaxy, captivating everyone’s attention. The light and translucent shine make it truly dreamy!


3. Delicate Pink Glass Paper Shine

With a soft pink glass paper glow, it creates a fairy-tale-like atmosphere, gentle and elegant. The use of irregular-shaped glass paper adds a unique and delicate radiance.


Tonight, everyone should visit your nail technician and experience the refreshing effect of icy nail art!


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