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O.P.I Vintage Minnie Mouse

OPI Minnie Mouse (Medium)
Except the new O.P.I Spideman series, you also can’t miss this collection whether you like Minnie Mouse or not! If you are a fan of Minnie, I’m sure you would like to bring all these Minnie-cure lacquers home: Even if you’re not, this set of color-of-4 is best for a feminine lady!
It’s a collection made up of Red for sure. We suggest you go to a beauty salon to try them on, but if you’d like to keep a collection of it, the mini version is the most ideal!
OPI Minnie Mouse mini
Here are the colors:
Nothin’ Mousie ‘bout It! – Shimmer top with “heart shape” details
I’m All Ears – Shimmer Red
If you Moust You Moust – Pink
The Color of Minnie – Bright Red
At the same time, OPI launched another series of The Amazing Spider-man. The colors are contrasting and worth a try.

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