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[Nail Styles for Men] Follow the Stars (III)

From the darkest to the brightest, there are a whole lot in between. Let me show you something here a little on the artsy side of gel nail for men.

7. Marble nails for men

You may do the usual black and white marble art, or you may by all means choose other colors to match your hair and your clothes.

8. Alphabet nails for men

Alphabets are common for tattoos. They work well on nails as well. American rock n’ roll artist, MachineDun Kelly, wore the letters S, A and D on three of his nails, which was totally cool! You can get equally creative with words too. To make the letters stand out, try choosing contrasting colors such as, red on white or, black on white.

9. Simple stripes

For those minimalists, you can use the help of tapes or tooth picks as guides to make stripes in different widths. If there are tattoos on the back of your hands, you can even make stripes that match. Do not forget to apply base coat before you do your stripes though.

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