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[Simple Nail Art Classroom 1] Round Stickers

Hi!  In the upcoming posts, we are going to show you some easy and effortless DIY nail art.  First, let us play around with round stickers here.

圓型貼片 Nail Art

1. Simply dots

Create a polkadots pattern, or make your own unique design.


隔顏色+圓形珠仔貼 Nail Art

2. Beads

Stick on five round stickers to represent flower petals. Then, stick on a golden or silver bead at the center.   You got a perfect nail art for the Spring/Summer season.


3. Divider with round stickers and beads

Apply two different shades at opposite side of the nail. Then, line up round stickers and beads between the shades as a color divider.



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