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What to do with Hiker’s Toenails?

I have been getting a lot of clients who love the great outdoor. Some of them may even go hiking a few times a week. This great exercise definitely can give you a lot of fresh air and great health. However, doing it too much can have some downsides on your toenails.

It may not see much, but extra pressureis gradually building up in the toes during long distance hiking. this may cause the toenails to become disfigured and unsightful. In more serious cases, the nails may even become detached.

If this happened, I would suggest to use anti-fungal medicine to kill the germs. If the problem is a bit serious, we can apply acrylic nails two protect the Toenail while it is healing. But if the problem is very bad, you may need to see the doctor first.


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