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What to do with Ingrown Nails?

Ingrown toenails are not uncommon.  We have talked about previously that this problem could be inherited or caused by poor habits.

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The person in this picture has cut the sides of her nails too deeply into the skin and did not file down the corners. This already has made her toes painful enough.  What made it worse was that she run often which put extra stress on the front of her feet.  This resulted in harden skin which made it hurt even more.

<Pic. 1 before>

First, we removed the tough skin To decrease the stressful feeling.  Then we cut off the sharp corners with a sharp scissors and rounded them down to prevent further ingrowing problem.

<Pic. 2 after>

It was not advisable to believe that this problem can be solved in one shot.  You need to change your habit.

1. Do not cut your nails too short.

2. Do not cut the corners too deep into the skin.

3. Have your pedicure done

Buy a nail technician to lessen re-development of the problem.


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