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What to do with Ingrowing Nail?

Ingrown nail is also known as onychocryptosis. It is a condition which nails grow in to the skin and result in pain and inflammation. There are five common causes to ingrown nails.

1. wearing tight-fitting shoes for too long
2. improper cutting of nails
3. nails that are born naturally too wide
4. deformed curved nails
5. flat feet which lead to pressing down of the big toes to the ground and cost infection

If the condition is not serious, a nail technician can help by elevating and trim off the unwanted portion, followed by cleaning up the groove. The toe will immediately feel much better.

For serious case of nailed deformation, and artificial nail (crystal nail can be introduced to pull and flatten the curved nail. Artificial nail has the characteristic of shape memory alloy. Once adhered to the deformed nail, the artificial nail will constantly pull it into a flat shape

If one practices good hygiene for the feet, half of the problems can be solved. Therefore, you should
1 always keep the edge of the nails clean
2 trim the nails straight across rather than making it deep curve

It is not always the case that a ingrown nail ends up swelling with pus. Infection is usually the result of being lazy. A good early management of the ingrowing nail can prevent serious problem from festering.


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