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Why are my hands peeling?

Some people will have peelings on their hands at the time when winter goes into spring. It occurs mainly on the palms and the fingertips. They are not itchy or painful. It first started as white spots. Then they get worse at parts where there are frictions. Is there anything we can do about it?

Why would peeling happened on the hands?

Hand peeling generally happens when the weather enters from dry winter to humid spring. It is not yet hot enough for the hands to sweat. The hands feel oily but lack of moisture.  When there are too much friction peelings happen.  Some Chinese medicine practitioners believe that this is a sign of poor circulation and Excessive heat inside the body. Lack of nutrition can be a reason too. Other common causes include contacting with chemicals and hereditary.

Can lack of vitamins cause peelings?

Lacking Vitamin A to a certain degree can cause peelings on the hands. Also, some bad habits and skin infections can be the underlying causes of peelings which eventually triggered by dry weather.

1. Dyshidrotic eczema is a skin problem with fluid filled and itchy blisters.

2. Psoriasis may starts at a single finger. Then, it will spread to the rest of the hands and work on to the feet.  If not being careful, the problem will spread to the rest of the family. Since psoriasis is highly contagious, getting treated by the doctor is an urgent matter.

3. Tearing off the peels is not a cure. When you tear of the old skin, the good skin will be injured.  This will expand the peeling area and it does not help to grow new skin.

On our next discussion, we will talk about caring and treatment.


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