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[Male grooming] Why Should Men Go to Nail Salons?

Men Manicure

Male grooming is becoming a booming business in the recent years.   It is no longer women’s privilege to enjoy some pampering time in salons.  After all, a masculine man should also have a well-groomed appearance to prove his ability of taking care of himself.


Men usually have rougher skin comparing to women.  If application of hand cream is rare, it is easy to have crack cuticles and built-up of dead skin around the nails during dry seasons.  A proper manicure will let your nails looking clean and tidy.  This is something not to overlook for giving good impression. It will help you to be more confident when you try to nail that business contract down.


During winter, gentlemen should take some steps to moisturize the skin.  This can prevent hard and dry skin as well as pulled-out cuticles from building up.  Think about this, there are times that you need to shake someone’s hand, or hold your loved one’s hand, or carry a young child.  Even that you may not need silky smooth hands to do all that,  you do not want your hands to be so Stony to touch either.



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