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[DIY at Home for Daughter] Go Glam DIY Nail Stamper

If your daughter is a beauty Queen who likes to try new things then this cool Go Glam Nail Stamper it’s definitely a perfect gift for her.

The pack comes with three varnishes and five stamp patterns.   It is simple to use.  First you apply one of the color nail varnishes.   Let dry for five minutes.  Insert her  choice of design into the stamper.  Slip her finger in and THEN press.   The Patton will immediately appear on her nail. And the best thing is, The design will only go on the part with the varnish. It will not mess up the rest of the finger.  Seal it up with the top varnish and there she has it!

Not only that this is the fun thing to do at home, if someday she has a party to go to, she can get her nails done quickly at home. The Go Lamp stamper is available at Toys “R” Us.


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