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Fungal Nail Treatment even Diabetics can use – Unguisan by Callusan

Hot, humid and un-sanitized – these are the best conditions for Breeding toenail fungus in closed shoes. We once recommended OPI FUNGUS FIX before it went out of the production line. Now we found something just as good!

Introducing ‘Unguisan Nail Tincture’ by Callusan from Germany. Its’ innovative formula is comprised of natural ingredients without any Clotrimazole inside. The active ingredients include urea, Iceland moss extract and blackcurrant which can effectively fight against fungus. It provides total protection and keeps the nail skin supple. This product is dermatologically tested and is suitable for diabetics.

Apply one drop or two on the affected nails and the surrounding skin area. Gently massage over. Avoid touching the Tip of the dropper.
This is such a high potency formula that only a small amount is needed.


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