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Perfect for Nail Art! OPI The Showgirls Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

The Showgirls (Medium)

Sparkles, we may not like it on all 10 nails, but it’s definitely a necessity when we need some highlights.  The OPI Showgirls collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel include 5 different types of sparkles & 1 DS (Designer Series) collection color.  They are perfect for simple, elegant nail art.  Try them out now!

GCG02 - I Reached My Gold! GCG02 – I Reached My Gold!
GCG03 - You Pink Too Much GCG03 – You Pink Too Much
GCG04 - Chasing Rainbows GCG04 – Chasing Rainbows
GCG05 - DS Pewter GCG05 – DS Pewter
GCG07 - Desperately Seeking Sequins GCG07 – Desperately Seeking Sequins
GCT55 - Pirouette My Whistle GCT55 – Pirouette My Whistle


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