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How to manage Separating or Cracking Nails?

Our last post described the causes of separating both fake and real nails. This time, we are going to talk about a case of a separating natural nail.

This lady has naturally thin and curling nails.  She should have periodically gone for professional care. Instead she chose to remove the gel with a file by herself . Since she was inexperience, she ended up over filing and further thin down her natural nails. Her improper handling eventually resulted in seriously separating nails.

Recommendation: after the gel is removed, Apply extra thick moisturizers and  cuticle oil to nourish the nail matrix. You want to ensure a healthy growth.

After the nail technicians have examined the injured nails, she suggested to use acrylic powder to improve the look. First the lifted portion will be cut away. Acrylic powder will be applied to cover over the remaining nail pate and The exposed nail bed. This, along with frequent nail care, can keep the Nail stay intact whengrowing out, at the same time being protected while looking smooth and normal on the outside.

This is a very simple method and it instantly corrects The look of the nail. I hope it can help!


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