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4 Tips to Keeping Gel Nails last longer at Home

You have got the most gorgeous GEL nails from the salon. What can you do to make it last longer? Here are four pointers for you,

1. Returning the shine with alcohol

First, wipe dull nail surface with rubbing alcohol. Then, apply CUTICLE oil with a cosmetic Pat to clean away dirt and excessive oil.  This will bring back the shine. 

2. More hand cream and cuticle oil

Beautiful nails do not stay long on dry hands. In these days, chap hands are common with frequent use of hand rubs. Therefore, you basically need to go wild on hand cream.  Do not skip cuticle oil either, cause this helps you to prevent split cuticles.

3. Take care of split gel with nail file

As time gose by, the nails may crack or lift up. Hold off your craving to rip them off! As this may damage the real nails.  Try to trim off the crack with a nail file, then pay a visit to the nail technician a.s.a.p.

4. Avoid chemicals and hot water

These two guys are enemies that will fade or lift the gel nails. Try not to shower with extra hot water.  Be sure to wear gloves when doing household works.  Use the flat surface of your finger tips rather than the top part.


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