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Can Over-cut Nails lead to Abscesses?

It is commonly believe that keeping the nails extremely short is a good hygiene practice. However, recently a male students who over cut his toenails and it himself up with chronic paronychia. His nails grew into the skin, causing the skin to swell up with disgusting pus. It basically looked like a lump growing on his toe, giving him excruciating pain. Doctors pointed out that, those who cut their nails too short, pulling nail or handling too much detergents are prone to have paronychia.

According to the news, this student usually cut his nails very short every week. He did not think much of it when his big toe swelled up and hurt. He thought it was the tight shoes that cause the pain during his basketball practices. He continued to ignored it until it started to look like a sarcoma. It hurt too much that he could not even put on his shoes. The doctor diagnosed it as chronic Paronychia.

The dermatologist said that this is a severe case. Granulation tissue has already formed on half of the big toenail. This was mainly caused by cutting the nails way too short. The nail then grew into the skin. With the presence of germs and prolonged friction, eventually it resulted in repeated infection. Apart from improper nail cutting, pooling of nails and handling too much detergent can also lead to paronychia. If the person continued to ignore the symptoms, it would gradually turn into serious chronic paronychia.

Dermatologists gave three advice to prevent Paronychia. Firstly, do not cut nails too short. Start by trimming of the shop corners. Then cut the nail across by leaving one millimeter white space on the top. Secondly, don’t wear shoes that are too tight. A good shoe should have enough space at the front allowing the toes to move. Lastly, since infection may happen if the skin is injured while clipping the nails. It is advisable to cut nails after shower.. The nails will be soft. It is easier to cut and injuries is less likely to happen.


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