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Can Lemon Juice really Whiten Nails?

Over the years, nail polish makers have switched from chemical formulas to non-toxic and unharmful ingredients. Even so, prolonged use of dark shades can still stain the nails, since dark pigments usually penetrate deeper into the nail plates. To avoid that, you may want to alternate to light shades sometimes. Those who never remove their nail polish are also prone to yellow nails.  The pigments stay on the nail and produce chemical reactions.  This is like going to sleep with make-up. The skin cannot get to be cleaned and replenished which ends up with a lot of problems. In rare cases, serious yellow nails can be a sign of fungus. If your nails are thick and brittle and you Hartley use Annie nail products, you would better go to see a doctor for fungal nails.

When you are sure that your yellow nails are caused by dark nail polish, you can simply just quit using them until they return to normal.  Otherwise, you may try to use lemon juice, since it is acidic and has whitening power.  It can remove The yellow Ness without damaging the nail.

The way to do it is quite simple. Just Dav with either a nail brush, a toothbrush or a cotton ball into a cut lemon. Better yet, you can directly rub a lemon slice on the nail plate. The result will come on very quickly. Just give it a try!


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