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Nail Lacquer Comparison – OPI Nail Polish vs Nicole by OPI vs CND Vinylux


OPI Polish

OPI Polish


Nicole by OPI


CND Vinylux

Color 400+ 100± 30±
Texture Thick, high density Fluidity, sheer High density
Durability Around 5-6 days Around 5-6 days Around 7 days
Application Normally 2 coats 1 to 2 coats for sheer finishing;2 to 3 coats for more solid color presentation 1 to 2 coats.Fast drying texture so avoid repeated stroking
Color tone Regular color with a majority of traditional red & glitters. With respective LED Gelcolor available. Stand out, trendy color with a majority of cute tones.
As a supplement line for OPI.
Known for it’s nude color and prominent color. Shellac is Vinylux’s color basis.
Target Banquets, traditional festivals, work Students, hipsters, special occasions Trendy, work
Characteristics Launching special crossover collection with different units, e.g. celebrities, athletes, movies, charity organizations.
Each colors has its own name!
Easy application, variety of color. More often in launching crossover collection with teenage singers Long lasting color and glossiness, fast drying.


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