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[Tutorial] 4 Easy steps to Remove CND Shellac Soak-Off Gel

You just need 4 Easy steps to Remove CND Shellac UV Soak-Off Gel!  What you need are these tools:

  • File
  • Cushion file
  • Cuticle stick
  • Tin foil
  • Cotton
  • Base coat
  • Polish remover
  • Cuticle oil

DSCN4620 (Medium)


1) Cover CND Shellac nails with cotton fully soaked with polish remover, wrap them in tin foil. (Divide cotton according to the size of the nail)

 DSCN4592 (Medium) DSCN4593 (Medium)


2) After 10 minutes, remove the tin foil and cotton; remove Shellac by using cuticle stick (push towards nail tips).

DSCN4596 (Medium) DSCN4600 (Medium)


3) Smooth surface using cushion file, then shape the nails .

DSCN4607 (Medium)  DSCN4608 (Medium)


4) Apply cuticle oil and protective base coat.

DSCN4613 (Medium)  DSCN4617 (Medium)

To reapply a new set of CND Shellac Soak-off Gel, start after step 3.


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