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[Reasons of Thick Toe Nails] 5 Causes you must know (I)

Have you thought of thick toenails could be a sign of health problems?

Are your toenails growing thicker?  Most people do not think much of it since the toenails are hidden inside the shoes.  However, if one continues to brush off the problem, what can happen? First,  let us discuss the root causes.

Five major reasons of thick toenails:

1. Onychauxis / Thick Nail Syndrome

The nails have grown abnormally and the nail plates become evenly thick. This kind of disorder is usually caused by nail matrix involvement.

2. Congenital

The nails are greenish yellow. Not only that they are thick, they can be extremely hard to. They also curl up as they grow. Sometimes they grow into horseshoe shapes or even tube shapes. Any of the nails can grow thick and become deformed. Even when they come off, they will still grow out the same ways.

3. Cornification Excess Type Tinea Pedis

This kind of nail thickening disorder is usually accompanied by redness on the soles, as well as thickened, rough and deepening of lines on the skin.

4. Chronic diseases

Thickening of the nails can be a sign of respiratory disease, thyroid disease and Lymphatic disease along with other symptoms.

5. Aging

Older people usually have thicker nails. The reason could be due to slow metabolism rate off the horny layer of the nails.

Besides these five causes, there is yet one more reason for thickening nails. We will discuss about that in our upcoming post.


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