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What to do with Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toe nails usually happen to people who run too much, wear high-heels for too long, or who stand too much. When there are too much stress press down on the toes, the toenails are forced to grow inward and become ingrown toenails. Here are what you can do.

Red, painful and swelling toes are the common signs of ingrown toenails. If you got sweaty feet, hard toenails or diabetes, you must take it even more seriously People with sweaty feet or have hard toenails can easily develop ingrown toenails by wearing tight shoes. Diabetic patients have poor circulation. This means when the toes are injure, they do not heel quite as quick, which can easily result in ingrown toenails.

How to trim toenails
Cut the nails flat on the top rather than round. If you are bother by the sharp corners, just file them off a bit. If you are just starting to have ingrowns and no pain or infection has happened yet, you can slip a little cotton between the nail and the flesh to prevent the problem from getting worse. Apply anti-biotics ointments to prevent infection.

Wear shoes with the right size. Avoid shoes that are overly tight.
Tight shoes not only promotes ingrown toenails, it may also cause Hallux Valgus.

If everything you have done cannot ease your pain, it is time to see the doctor.


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