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2024 Nail Art Trends (Part 2)

Last time we shared a few nail art ideas predicted to be popular in 2024 by nail art experts Michelle Saunders and Analysse Hernandez. This time, we will introduce a few more.

6. Squoval Nails
Saunders says, “Despite almond-shaped nails being popular in the past few seasons, they have evolved into a more classic look, and squoval nails will be more prevalent in fashionable nail art.” Squoval nails go well with almost any color, from chocolate brown to neon yellow, so you can choose shades that match the season and your mood.

7. Bows
Bow nail art is not just for the holidays. Hernandez predicts that in 2024, nail designs featuring bows inspired by a playful style will become popular. She suggests freely drawing the outline of bows on the nails to “give them an artistic touch.” You can also use bow charms or diamond embellishments to create a three-dimensional effect.

8. Mismatched Nails
Do you find yourself attracted to various shades or designs? As they say, why choose just one when you can wear them all! Hernandez suggests being as “creatively limitless” as possible with this style because “there are no wrong choices” among these diverse and beautiful options. If you prefer a simpler look, you can opt for solid colors to create an elegant and unique nail design.

9. Peach
“Pantone has introduced their color for 2024 called Peach Fuzz, and in spring ’24, I can see us all going for peachy glossy nail polishes,” says Saunders. This warm and cozy peach shade is perfect for spring and summer, creating a simple yet fashionable nail look.

10. Stars
Stars are destined to adorn your nail designs in 2024! Hernandez states that hand-painted stars, despite being time-consuming, will be a trend in 2024. “Simple star designs are versatile for any season or occasion,” she says. “Practice, practice, practice is key for this style.”
Stars can not only embellish neutral nail art, but you can also combine this design with bold nail polish colors to create eye-catching looks.


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