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Which ones grows faster, Finger Nails or Toenails?

It is quite perplexing why fingernails grow faster than toenails. In fact, fingernails can grow up to three to four times faster than toenails. People usually do not have to cut their toenails so often. Why?

First, let us understand what nails are and why they grow. Nails are a protein called keratin. At the base of each nail, it is the nail matrix. The nail matrix gross out new cells, which push out the old cells along the nail bed to form growing nails. Since these cells are already dead, you will not feel any pain when you cut them off.

Through researchers, we found out one reason is that we use our hands more than our feet. And we expose our hands more, too. Some other people think that, the hands are closer to the heart then the feet. More blood are supplied to the hands than the feet. This could be true since our nails grow the fastest in summer as opposed to winter. In other words, the blood circulates the fastest in our bodies during summer.

Some experts conclude that, the speed of nail growth is related to the rate of blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, nail growth will slow down with aging.

Whether you cut your nails or bite your nails, fingernails always grow faster than toenails. Unless, you type with your toes…


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