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OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection Nail Lacquer 2014

muppets (Medium)

Remember the red toned Muppets Collection launched 2 years ago?  This year OPI is designing a light toned collection for the Muppets again.  5 different types of sparkles + a few light color and a dark navy blue, very unconventional for OPI right?

It is because OPI has developed another new product to pair with sparkles lacquers!  For details: please check out

Goodbye Glitter! OPI New Natural Nail Base Coat can help you remove glitter coats in seconds


NLM75 – Muppets World Tour

NLM76 – Miss Piggy’s Big Number

NLM77 – I Love Applause

NLM78 – Let’s Do Anything We Want!

NLM79 – Kermit Me to Speak

NLM80 – Gaining Mole-mentum

NLM81 – Int’l Crime Caper

NLM82 – Chilling’ Like a Villain


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