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4 Easy Steps – OPI Hand Treatment / Skincare [Video Tutorial]

hand treatment skincareMost ladies are very more than willing to spend a few hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars for manicure and nail polish for every few days, however they are spending much less time to take care of their fundamental skincare needs of their hands; e.g. not even applying hand cream or cuticle oil, so that even the most beautiful nail polish is largely discounted on because of the dry or damaged hand condition.

In fact, you will most likely be surprised how just this 10 minutes additional work on hand treatment and skincare every time when you visit your nail beauty salon will be well rewarded. Hand treatment is just as easy as the 4 simple steps below.

Step 1 : Remover dead skin

Using 1 tea spoon of Skin Renewal Scrub massage fingers , palms , back of hands , each part for around 30 seconds.

Step 2 : Soak

Mix _ spoon of OPI Effervescent Soak with warm water , then soak the hands . Remover the scrub residue after 5 mins . this is to soften the new skin after scrub massage.

Step 3 : Repair

Apply appropriate amount of OPI Rejuvenating Serum  on hands . Could use a pair of gloves / plastic wrap to intensify the absorption

Step 4 : Protect & Maintain

Apply “Finishing Butter” . This formula protects and nourishes dry skin , leaving skin silky smooth.

Hope the following video tutorial may give you a clearer view how hand treatment skincare should be done.


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