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[For Beginners] How to choose different nail polish?


A lot of beginners find it hard to choose and apply nail polish. Some polish tend to be more diluted whereas others are thicker. And it’s not easy to apply evenly on nails. We are going to demonstrate in the following pictures with square and round nails.



  • Diluted vs Thick Polish – OPI E74 (Light Lilac)/ B87 (Dark Lilac)


By using the same painting method, you might still get different results. As shown in the 2 pictures above. E74 (Light Purple) is more diluted so it’s uneven in the 1st and 2nd layer. On the other hand, B87 (Dark Purple) is a thicker polish and you can simply paint the 1st layer and the result is pretty good. It’s even better with the 2nd layer.


E74: OPI Euro Centrale Collection – You’re Such a Budapest

B87: OPI Bright Collection 2009 – A Grape Fit



  • Sheer vs Opaque (Orange) – OPI T20 (Middle Finger)/ N43 (Index Finger)


Some nail colours are not easy to apply (like the orange colours above). So if you are a beginner, you should try to avoid those colours.


The 2 orange colours look very similar in the bottle. T20 (Middle Finger) is sheer and easy to apply but after putting on 2 layers, the colour is still not opaque. N43 (Index Finger) is an opaque colour. However, it looks uneven after putting on the 2nd layer.


T20: OPI Texas Collection – Y’all Come Back Ya Hear

N43: OPI Nordic Collection 2014 – Can’t Afjord Not to



  • Sheer vs Opaque (White) – OPI L00 (Opaque White)/ T63 (Sheer White)


There are various white polish. Some are sheerer than the others and sheer white is more difficult to handle. L00 (Opaque White) is evenly spread with a glossy top coat. After applying 2 layers of T63 (Sheer White), the white didn’t show clearly and it’s going to look streaky if you don’t apply it gently.


L00: OPI Soft Shades Collection – Alpine Snow

T63: OPI Soft Shades 2015 Collection – Chiffon My Mind



  • Light Colours – OPI T66 (Middle Finger)/ A60 (Index Finger)


A lot of office ladies love light colours for work. T63 (Sheer White mentioned in (3)) is hard to handle so A60 is a better choice because you can get an even layer after 1st application.


T66: OPI Soft Shades 2015 Collection – Act Your Beige!

A60: OPI Brazil Collection – Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around



  • Sparkling Colours – OPI S60 (Ring Finger)/ M13 (Pinky Finger)


Sparkling polish are the best choice for beginners or when you feel lazy. It’s easy to manage and you can’t really see any smudges. S60 is a sparkling pink and user friendly. When you are more experienced, try M13 with heart shaped glitters. When you apply the 1st layer, you don’t need to focus on the glitters. Apply more glitter on 2nd layer to avoid unevenness and thickness which make it hard to dry.


S60: OPI Nice Stems Collection – I Lily Love You

M13: OPI Minnie Mouse Collection – Nothin Mousie’bout It


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