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[Manicure Tips] Soak-off Gel Lamp Q&A

Many people wonder why their soak-off gel sometimes does not last.  It gets gooey and tacky. This usually it’s is because of insufficient curing.  The following items list out  are why the lamps sometimes did not work properly.

1)Insufficient curing time

Sometimes the person left before the curing time was completed. Sometimes the person was using her phone, and fail to let the gel nails to stay completely under the lamp the whole time.

2)Light bulb worn out

Each light bulb has a service life.  When it is getting old, the curing efficiency will decrease.   Therefore, it is important to change the lightbulb from time to time.

3) Excessive gel

When the gel is too thick, The lamp cannot effectively cure all the way to the bottom of the gel nail.  Sometimes when the surface is completely dry, the bottom is only half dried.

4) Wrong kind of gel

There are two kinds of gel lamp: UV lamp and LED lamp. If you get the wrong kind of gel, your gel nail will not dry properly.

The above are the causes of problems that people generally encountered at home. You can go into a nail salon and have your nails done by a technician and find out the difference.


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