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Artificial Nail and Acrylic Nail for Men – A Solution for Nail and Cuticle Biters

Men Manicure

A Solution for Nail and Cuticle Biters

Manicure is an important part of male grooming.  Apart from trimming the nails, many gentlemen may have problems of the hard cuticle at the sides of their nails.  These may have been caused by long time habit of bitting or pulling of the cuticle.  The nails can never grow long.  In addition, the lunula may also suffer from cuticle overgrowth due to improper care. 

Acrylic nails or Artificial nails can help with the problem.  The nails will be re-shaped and extended in length.  While allowing the unsightly nails look decent at the time being, the real nails can grow under the protection of the artificial nails covering above.  

The acrylic nails may be a bit thick.  This is an advantage to discourage the person from biting.  Depending on different cases, usually the real nails can grow out properly after three to four applications of acrylic nails.


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