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Soak-off gel making nails thinner?

soak off gel用法 (Medium)

These days, soak off gel is becoming popular among women because it’s so convenient and natural. You may wonder how this new gel works.

Let me introduce it to all of you.

Soak off gel is a removable gel. Special nail remover is needed to take it off. It has a very soft but elastic texture.

Recently some customers have complained that soak off gel is actually making their nails thinner. There are a few probable reasons behind this.

  1. (1) May have used the wrong products while taking care of the gel.
  2. (2) May have used the wrong methods to remove the gel. It is not recommended to remove the gel by using a file though it is a quicker way. Filing off the gel can seriously hurt your nails making them thinner.
  3. (3) The gel requires constant care. Even though your nails appear to have worn away, you should revamp them regularly. If you let your gel worn away naturally, then, it would probably fall away together with your own fingernails.
    It is suggested that every 14-18 days, you should redo your soak off gel nails. Try not to fix them after a long period of time, as nails can easily break if they’re too long.
  4. (4) After removing the soak off gel by the special nail remover, you should try rubbing your nails to the minimum size. Then, apply cuticle oil and protective base coat such as NAIL ENVY, RESCUERXX onto your nails.

To all the beauties protecting your nails is a very important step to final beauty.

Try to learn more about nail care and your nails will thank you for doing that!



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