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[DIY Gel Nail at Home] Stylemate Color Gel Mixing Pen Kit

People are generally staying home more to avoid catching virus in these days.  Many ladies are getting into DIY gel nails.  However, the gel bottles are quite big in size and they could get expensive if you want to have a lot of colors.  I have recently found a solution for this on the Internet.  It is called the Color Gel Mixing Pen from Stylemate.  What it has is five basic colors and you can mix up to80 different shades.

This does-it-all kit has it all. Besides the five mixable primary color gel, the package also comes with an LED light, a nail file, nail guard stickers, a brush, a mixing plate, gel remover pads and cleansing pads.  To get yourself started. You must download their mobile application, O-pens, for tutorials.

1. Open the application and select the desired color

2. Squeeze the right amount of color gel onto the mixing plate according to the instructions

3. Mix the colors up with the gel pen.

4. Clean the nail service with a  cleansing pad

5. Stick a nail guard sticker on and trim away excessive parts with the nail file

6. Set up the LED light

7. Brush on the gel and place the nail under the light for 60 seconds (repeat the process for 2 to 3 times)

8. File the gel nail to a nice shape

You are done!

Another thing I like about this set is that the gel does not contain painter thin or any toxins 👍  it is not smelly at all! Sisters, y‘all can feel safe and healthy doing your nails at home!

Official Website: https://zh.stylemate.com.hk/shop


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