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OPI Katty Perry Collection and Shatter

OPI Katy Perry Collection

Katy Perry Collection: More than just Nail Lacquer!

A glamorous shimmer/glitter collection OPI developed together with Katy Perry, famous American Pop-rock singer.  A total 5 colors as daring as Katy Perry’s innovative style.

  • Teenage Dream – Glitter Pink
  • The One That Got Away – Shimmer Red
  • Not Like the Movies – Shimmer Silver
  • Last Friday Night – Glitter Blue
  • Black Shatter – Pattern

Do you want to have a super cool color but you don’t have the time to wait for Acrylic or Gel Nails to dry?

The latest OPI Shatter polish can give you a hand!soak off gel photos 014 (Medium)

As you can guess by the name, the effect of OPI Shatter is “break”, “crack” or “damage”, whatever you want it to be — Black is the underlying base color, so you can choose a bright/sharp color such as red, orange, pink etc to make the black shatter pattern stands out; if you dare to go with blue or yellow then you really get an eye-catching effect!


  • Base / Top coat needed
  • You could have different effects with the use of sparkling/shimmer color
  • Instructions says you need to apply on a completely dry base but we don’t think it is critical.  Just make sure the base color is not too thick and let the surface dry for a minute or two then you can apply Shatter.
  • Shatter drys immediately after you apply, therefore 1-2 brushes of Shatter is very obvious.  DO NOT paint over the same area too many times.

Rainbow Nails has Shatter in store now!!  Make your appointment now to have this cool yet convenient Nail Art!!


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