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Health Secret behind the Nails – Spots, Lines and Shines

A professional nail technicians job is not only to put on pretty shades on for the clients, it is also to observe the natural conditions of their nails.   Nails often give a telltale sign that reveal the internal health of the person.  In fact, anyone can read the health message through the shapes, sizes and colors of their nails.

Below let us unlock the health secrets hiding inside the nails.

Spots on the Nails

White spots can mean calcium deficiency, zinc deficiency or fungal infection.  Yellow spots indicates possible Overtiredness,  Mel nutrition or digestion problem.  If black spots are found, it can be a warning signs of Gastroptosis or stomach cancer.

Lines on the Nails

When vertical lines appear on the nails, it may means over tiredness, lack of sleep or The development of chronicle disease.  However, if there is horizontal line on the nail end it moves up as the nail grows, it may indicate that there is already a chronicle disease   Please go check with the doctor as soon as possible.

Shininess of the Nails

If the nails  appear to be dull, it may be the signs of chronic wasting disease such as tuberculosis, different kinds of Abscess or chronic bleeding, etc.  on the other hand, if the  shines are patchy on one or a few of the nails, it may indicate inflammation problems such as chronic bronchitis


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