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The Ultimate Nail Hex for Repelling Mosquitos

If there is anything that is most annoying in the nature, it must be mosquitos.  Check out what the Japanese whistle performer, Kato Marina, does to revenge on those creeps.

Kato has posted a nail art on her Twitter.  Eight of her nails were sealed with mosquito specimen.  The other two were painted with mosquito repellents. Anyways, this seemed to be a curse rather than an art design.

Apparently, Kato was quite a mosquito attractor. Her body was filled with bites and she constantly lost sleep from the itchiness and overnight attacks.  She decided to catch a bunch of mosquitos and painstakingly cleaned off their remains.

Even it was not so easy, Kato managed to make some nice specimen.  She wrapped them up in cling wrap and went to a nail technician she knew.


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