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[Tips] A quick fix to Smudged Nail



Devastation is not at understatement when the wet nail polish got smeared during application.  No worries.  There is a quick way to restore.


1. When it happened, do not rush to clean the polish off.  Just wait till the polish dries out a bit.

2. Then, go dip a little bit of nail polish remover with your finger tip.  Gently rub over the affected area until it is smoothened.  Let dry.

3. Follow with another layer of polish or top coat.


It may not be perfect but hey, it is better than doing it all over again!


There is a rule for decreasing the chance of accident.  If you are right-handed, finish the nails on your right hand first.  Wait for 10 minutes before starting the other hand.  Vice versa for those who are left-handed.  Therefore, work on the left hand first in this case.


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