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What are Corns? How are they different from Viral Warts and Calluses?


Sometimes there are patches of hard, thickened skin appear on the feet or the hands. How can you tell whether they are corns, warts or calluses?

Corns are thickening of irritated cuticles which are caused by the result of pressure and repeated friction. They are often found on the soles of the feet, Between the fingers, and outside of the thumbs and pinkies. Corns hav a translucent, cone shape center surrounded by thick skin with smooth surfaces, unlike warts, They are generally not contagious. However, if they are infected or becoming strange in appearance, you need to see a doctor.


The forming of calluses is similar to that of corns but the locations are different . Calluses are usually found on the hands and the feet where pressure affects the most. They are also not contagious. Calluses usually cover bigger areas than corns. Their shapes depend on the stressed area. They do not have clear Centerpoints. Medical attention is usually not required.

According to the picture above, there are many different kinds of callus removal methods available. The most popular way is by using a callous file. You need to go lightly when filing away the hard skin though. Make sure you take off the thickened part layer by layer. Ambitious filing may draw blood and cause infection.

In Rainbow Nails, we use a electric peeler to shave away the calluses. It may take a longtime. But the result is good. Soft and fresh skin will reveal when it is done.

雞眼 vs 繭 vs 病毒疣
Corns vs Calluses vs Viral Warts

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