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Does nail polish cause nail fungus?

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I read an article in a Chinese newspaper on nail fungus two months ago. The article was about a doctor who found on increasing member of female patients who suffered from nail fungus, and a large proportion of them visit the nail salon regularly. As one of the OPI Educators, I would like to clarify something here. Acrylic Nails or Gel Nails is not the cause of fungus nails. Rather, poorly applied Acrylic Nails or Gel Nails is can cause nail fungus. The most common mistake is inadequate sterilization. In fact, some save money nail salon to save money may sacrifice steps of cleansing and sterilization.

Fungus growing on to the  nail bed is the main cause of nail fungus. So if you follow the steps below, You should be able to prevent nail fungus away.

  1. Nail Salon Procedure:
    The key point is sterilization. Both nails and tools need to be cleaned. Experienced nail technician should be able to identify and treat early stage fungus nails.
  2. Personal hygiene:
    Don’t walk bare foot in public areas and keep your feet dry; Shoes should be dried before returning to the shelf.
  3. Nail Maintenance:
    Artificial nails should not be too long which increases pressure to the during nails,  daily activities. Lack of maintenance could lead to broken nails, and separation of the artificial nails and real nails  which allows deposit of fungus to nail bed.  we recommend regular maintenance.

In conclusion, nail salons should be carefully chosen according to both quality and reputation; one should also pick experienced and professional manicurist to ensure top class service and quality.

We went over some simple treatments for early stage nail fungus previously (in Chinese). If the symptoms persist, please don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

For old fashioned acrylic nails or gel nails one needs to file away the top surface of real nails which makes the nails brittle. To reduce the chance of infection or other discomfort, I suggest you to try the latest OPI LED GELCOLOR or Soak-Off Gel. Advantages of these two new collections include: 1) No filing of top surface of real nails; 2) Thinner than Acrylic Nails; 3) Easier to remove, so as to minimize chance of damage to the real nail.

Finally, I hope everyone can enjoy their healthy pretty nails.

You can also review a detailed comparison between Acrylic Nails and Gel Nails.


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One Response to “Does nail polish cause nail fungus?”

  1. Nail fungus is quite easily treated, my partner suffered from this quite badly and used zetaclear to clear it up although this took her over 6 months, it did clear it up. I am always looking around for a quicker solution to the problem as it may well reappear.
    Being ultra careful is not in her manner so could well expect another outbreak. The main point that I advise is to get treatment as soon as possible as if left cab spread quite quickly and is very painful.
    There is also the fact to bear in mind that nail fungus is contagious.

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