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Men’s Nail Art | 2024 Popular Men’s Gel Nail Styles (Part 2)

In our previous post, we introduced 5 men’s nail art styles inspired by celebrities. Today, we have another 5 recommendations for you, both Gel Nail and Nail Polish.

6. Men’s Nail Art Style: Y2K Nails
The Y2K style has been trending in recent years, not only for women but also for men’s nail art. BTOB’s Peniel rocks a stylish nail design featuring shades of deep blue, white, black, and silver, combined with diagonal patterns and blending effects, creating a cool yet refreshing look.

7. Men’s Nail Art Style: Hand-Painted Nails
Peniel also experiments with hand-painted nail art styles. He contrasts the trendy black and white colors with fresh silver and blue tones, incorporating hand-drawn heart shapes, “YOU,” flames, and other patterns, giving the nails a youthful vibe.

8. Men’s Nail Art Style: Playful and Vibrant Nails
For those looking for bold and playful nail art, you can incorporate elements like smiley faces, heart shapes, and more. Opt for bright yellow, red, and blue hues, and you’ll definitely stand out with these eye-catching nail designs.

9. Men’s Nail Art Style: Translucent Nails
Seventeen member The8 is also into nail art! This translucent nail art style features tiny patterns drawn on clear nails, creating a natural yet stylish look. It’s especially suitable for guys who are new to nail art. Just draw your favorite patterns, and instantly elevate your fashion game.

10. Men’s Nail Art Style: Flame Pattern Nails
The flame pattern nails by TXT member Taehyun are simply adorable! Using black nail polish as the base, he adds flame patterns in different colors, perfectly blending edginess with cuteness.

Men’s nail art is becoming a part of fashion, and no matter which style you choose, you can showcase your unique style and taste. Try these celebrity-inspired men’s nail art styles to enhance your overall look!


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