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[秋色宜人] OPI Iceland 冰島系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

上次介紹了 OPI 2017 Iceland 的秋冬季系列指甲油,一套12枝,身為 OPI 的粉絲,除了留意甲油外,Gelcolor Soak-off Gel 一定也不會錯過! 今次重點推介 -Less is Norse,就是 OPI Iceland Collection 冰島系列 Poster上 Model 使用的顏色。

The Stunning Autumn Shades of OPI Iceland 2017 Fall/Winter Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Last time we showed you the OPI Iceland 2017 F/W Collection of twelfth polish shades.  I am sure all you OPI fans out there will not want to miss the Gelcolor collection also.  Here let us focus on what the model on the OPI ICELAND COLLECTION POSTER is wearing. It is: -LESSIS NORSE.

[大膽時尚] OPI Washington D.C. 華盛頓特區系列指甲油

看到 OPI 這套新系列就知道即將要換季了,OPI秋冬 Washington D.C.「華盛頓特區」系列一套十二枝,以及三支限定顏色,色系既帶華麗典雅外又極具成熟活力!

OPI Starlight Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

OPI STARLIGHT collection, a set of 18 different bottles are now available with GELCOLOR Soak-off Gel. An elegant series and its own temptation.

[神秘 • Cyber] OPI Starlight Collection 指甲油

OPI 秋冬系列 VENICE Collection 推出不夠一個月,大家還未有時間把顏色試真,OPI又再接再厲推出了另一套秋冬系列 HOLIDAY COLLECTION-Starlight!

[層次豐富] CND Shellac Contradictions Collection 秋冬剛柔風尚系列 Soak-off Gel

CND Shellac 今次這套 Soak-off Gel 打破既有的模式,讓質感與色調互相觸踫,產生強烈對比的優雅美態,意想不到、層次豐富、敢於冒險,能同一時間帶出不同感覺。

[15 choices of color] OPI Discover Venice Collection Nail Lacquer

The new Fall Winter 2015 OPI collection have fifteen different shades to perfect your seasonal outfits. Three of them are limited editions!

Free Silver Carrying Case! The new OPI “Nail Essentials Kit” LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Nail Essentials Kit give you choices of some sparkling colors for the holiday seasons. The collection comes in a rectangular silver carrying case.

買 Soak-off Gel 送手提箱! OPI LED Gelcolor Nail Essentials Kit

這個系列名為Nail Essentails Kit, 極富節日氣色, 顏色自然是偏向大路及百搭。如果你喜歡DIY Gel Nails,這系列是入門首選。還附送了一個銀色長方型手提箱,可以將產品好好整理保存!

終於到貨! OPI 波希米亞系列 Bohemians Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

之前介紹過的 Bohemian 系列 Gel Color 終於到貨了!OPI選了 San Francisco Collection 三藩巿系列其中6個非常適合今個秋冬塗的顏色…推出了 LED Gel Color Soak-off Gel ,名為 〈Bohemian系列〉。