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[Tutorial] 3-step to apply OPI GLITTER OFF-Peel-able Base Coat

If you love glitter and dark shades, then you’ll want to experience Glitter Off by OPI. Changing glitter nail color as quickly as changing outfits!!

彩虹般閃耀! OPI Spotlight On Glitter 指甲油

OPI 這套六枝「Spotlight On Glitter」彩虹般的七彩閃片、六角寶石型金片等等, 配合最新推出的「GLITTER OFF」作為底油,盡情塗得滿手閃令令!

Goodbye Glitter! OPI New Natural Nail Base Coat can help you remove glitter coats in seconds

Apply this OPI Natural Nail Base Coat before applying color lacquers, and then peel the whole the lacquer off!

閃粉再見! OPI全新配方 Glitter Off 底油 讓你輕鬆清除整塊指甲油