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[Byebye Tweezers] Nail Art Dotting Pen

Stunning nails can be so simple. We introduced the nail art beads application box last time. This time, we will show you this dotting pen.

Nail Art for increase Luck in Getting More Income

People use gold and silver to increase their luck in getting more incomes. It can be just as stylish.

充滿樂與怒強烈對比的 OPI Gwen Stefani Collection 指甲油


Mariah Carey Holiday Specials – Liquid Sand & 18K Gold Top Coat

Besides 12 main colours in Mariah Carey Holiday Collection, there are 6 more with Liquid Sand finish. OPI also presenting you with a lacquer made of real white gold.

Drunken Beauty: OPI Mariah Carey Collection for Holiday 2013

With all red wine-like reds, and champagne sparkling gold; make your nails super eye catchy during all the seasonal events and parties!

酒紅香檳金閃閃發亮! OPI 2013 假日瑪麗嘉兒秋冬甲油系列

今次的Mariah Carey秋冬系列由6種不同程度的紅和6種不同玩味的金來組成,瞥眼看來就像6支紅酒和6支香檳一樣。這系列一定可以令你的指頭在秋冬的大小派對中閃閃發亮,不能錯過!