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Fungal Nail – How to cure?

Here we’re to share 2 products for prevention and cure of fungal nails.

Cure Nail Fungus: Germwise + OPI Fungus Fix

Don’t be shocked by high humidity level in Hong Kong, its typical here in spring and summer, and fungus just loves this condition! Germwise and OPI Fungus Fix can help you to beat them.

OPI Fungus Fix & Heidi’s Germwise Spray – Treat your Toe Fungus in Humid Summer

If you’re suffering from toe fungus, start a home treatment immediately!

OPI Fungus Fix 徹底解決灰指甲問題

腳指甲生長特怪怪的,而且有異味…… 是灰指甲嗎? 平時除了忙著磨砂,塗甲油,弄水晶甲外 […]