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Fungal Nail – How to cure?

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Am I having a Fungal Nail?

I know we are all busy and 24 hours a day is just not enough, but please do spend some time to take a close look, a check your hands & especially your feet which are further away from our eyes… Germs and bacteria are everywhere- in the public showers, in the gym;on beaches;or handles on public transport. If you have artificial nails on the toes and wear tippy high heels; this compression may create gaps between real nails and the artificial nails; a very trivial gap that is hard for us to notice but it is big enough and moistened which is just perfect for germs to grow! So here we’re to share 2 products for prevention and cure of fungal nails.


What is Fungal Nails?
It’s caused by infection of germs & bacteria and most commonly happens in the toes’ nail bed. I’m sure you could find the signs and symptoms and causes online very easily, so we won’t go into details here. Instead, we would like to remind you that Fungal is nails usually NOT started on the nails, the infection mostly starts on the skin! So when checking, check 1) Smell. Well if you have been wearing shoes and socks for so long of course there may be smells, but there may be a slightly different smell if there is infection, and if you normally don’t have that problem, just recently…that could be a signal. 2) Color/Shape of your nails. Especially on the sides, corners of the nails. If the nail color has changed to greyish/yellowish, nails and nail beds are separated, then the infection is already happening. 3) Cuts/Callus/Wounds. Take a careful look to make sure the a callus is really only callus.Sometimes it could be warts or others. Are there tiny cuts that never got healed?
If you have ever noticed any of the above symptoms, these 2 products could help.


OPI Fungus Fix – This is for curing, use when Fungal Nails have already happened. It is a condensed formula, non-irritative, fragrance free. You could see an improvement / cure in 2-4 weeks-time.

Heidi’s GermWise Spray – GermWise is different than most other disinfectant spray. It is Alcohol Free! The formula can kill 99.9% of most common viruses e.g. Rhino Virus, Candida Albicans – yeast etc. It is safe for direct facial application even when wearing contact lenses on; safe for the elderly, babies and pets!

Suggested usage:
To cure: Use both products. Wash both feet/infected areas, wipe with tissues (towel not suggested). Spray Heidi’s GermWise around the feet, then apply 2-3 drops OPI Fungus Fix on the infected area (Cautions: make sure the dripping tip Does NOT touch the infected area). Spray GermWise on all shoes for disinfection.

To prevent: After you take-off your shoes, spray GermWise to the inner part and dry out naturally. Alternatively, spray GermWise to the inner part of the shoes before wearing them, this could greatly reduce the chance of having smelly feet!

Please consult your doctor if the infections persist.


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