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Opi Nail ENVY 護甲底油詳解

OPI Nail Envy 是很多人喜愛選用的護甲產品,你又知不知道其實它有幾多個配方呢?他們各自又有什麼功能?

OPI Base Coat – Keeping the beautifully painted lacquer long lasting

How to keep the beautifully painted lacquer long lasting? Besides your polishing technique, proper tools are prerequisite to a perfect manicure! Coating (the base and top coat) is another important aspect that always being neglected, and which makes your home-made lacquer looks different than a salon one! So let’s talk about base coat in this article.

OPI Base Coat @ 做出完美甲油 – 使用適當的底油


OPI 天然護甲補強營養系列優惠(三月 & 四月 2011)

凡購買OPI 天然護甲補強營養系列 ($220) , 即可免費獲得一次免費換甲油服務乙次 Accept Cas […]

OPI Nail Envy Product Promotion(March & April 2011)

With every purchase of OPI Nail Envy($220) , you will r […]


凡惠顧任何美甲服務可享八折優惠購買 OPI迷利護甲套裝 OPI Nail Enchancement Mini […]

OPI Nail Enchancement Mini Case(May-June Product Promotion)

If you Purchase any service you can enjoy 20% off for O […]

購買 OPI ENVY 指甲補強營養劑優惠(三月,四月2010)

OPI ENVY- 指甲補強營養劑 加強配方含水解蛋白質膠原分子和鈣,幫助指甲生長得更堅固, 更長和更強,防止 […]

OPI Nail Envy Product Promotion(March-April 2010)

OPI Nail Envy : Maximum Strength formula with Hydrolyze […]

OPI Nail Envy + Avoplex Cuticle Oil 優惠 (九、十月 2009)

OPI Nail Envy 亮麗光澤護甲硬甲油 + Avoplex Cuticle Oil $240 甲皮角質 […]