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想畫一個 Nail Art 去聖誕 Party?

很快就聖誕節了! 想畫一個 Nail Art 去聖誕 Party 嗎? Whatsapp 預約: 9093 2 […]

Party Nail Design for Festivals

If you want to dazzle in Count down parties, we have got some nail design for you to Check out! You might find something you like!

Re-U停不了! 派對指甲做咩款好?


11th Anniversary Party Photos 十一週年慶祝晚會照片集

Rainbow Nails 的11週年慶祝晚會終於在衣香鬢影下順利舉行,在此再一次感謝每一位在百忙之中抽空出席的客人朋友,讓大家渡過了一個非常愉快難忘的晚上。現在付上當晚照片讓大家重溫一下,亦同時給未能出席的好友感受和分享一下當時的熱鬧氣氛。

Rainbow Nails 11th Anniversary Party

Rainbow Nails is proud to announce our 11th anniversary on 8 October 2015. You are cordially invited to join our anniversary party at our new address.

Rainbow Nails 11週年慶祝派對

為了與多年的支持者與眾同樂,我們將於 10月8日在新店舉行【Rainbow Nails 11週年慶祝派對】,除了香檳、美食,當然少不了讓各位免費享受 Rainbow Nails 團隊為大家帶來的 Hand treatment 及小禮物,讓你親身感受新店的舒適!

Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary of Rainbow Nails

Come by our Nail Salon on Wednesday 16th October any time between 4-8pm for an Open House event that thank all our clients and business partners for your loyalty and support.

慶祝 Rainbows Nails 十週年

為答謝各位顧客及合作伙伴一直以來的支持,在10月16日下午4點到8點我們會於店內舉辦一個小派對。到時將會有香檳、點心招待。當然少不得讓各位免費享受Rainbow Nails團隊為大家帶來的Hand treatment及小禮物!

5th Anniversary Party Photos 五週年慶祝晚會照片集

在2009年10月8日晚上,由於得到了各方客人及好友的支持,Rainbow Nails 的五週年慶祝晚會終於在 […]

5th Anniversary Celebration

Dear Our Beloved Customers, On 8th October, after a ver […]