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How to soothe discomfort by Ingrown Toenail?


Ingrown toenail (Onychocryptosis) is a common Condition. People with severely deformed nails can easily be affected by this problem. But nails that are cut too short on both sides; or wearing tight shoes that press in too hard too often can also contribute to the cause.

We discovered a new product in Japan that seems to ease this problem. This is a tiny, elastic, plastic-like, semi-transparent gadget that can stay quite hidden on the foot. There is a small ring that goes around the big toe, which slightly elevate the affected nail. This, we imagine, may soothe the discomfort brought by ingrowing toenails.

Sounds like an unconventional solution? But it maybe worth it to try. Don’t forget to put this on the shopping list on your next trip to Japan.


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