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OPI x Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection Nail Lacquer

20160527 OPI Alice Through the Looking Polish

Here they come again! Let this sweet reunion brings sparkle to life. In this June, Disney presents their brand new Alice in Wonderland movie ; and In this collaboration, OPI presents Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016 8 shades collection. It includes the color of Alice’s classic blue dress, as well as other extravagant shades of fantasy. They will sure remind you of all the wonders in the Alice movie. Furthermore, don’t miss the special edition nail polish: What time isn’t it? Come back to us in our next issue and we will tell you more about it.


NL BA1 The I’s Have It

NL BA2 Oh My Majesty!

NL BA3 What’s the Hatter with You?

NL BA4 I’m Gown for Anything!

NL BA5 Fearlessly Alice

NL BA6 A Mirror Escape

NL BA7 Having a Big Head Day

NL BA8 Mad for Madness Sake



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