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Pink Bikini at Water Park! CND Shellac Soak Off gel 2013 Summer Collection

CND Shellac 2013 Summer Collection


Talking about summer, what color are you?  CND has summarized summer in 4 colors and launched the latest gel colors:

Girl wearing a pink bikini at the water park…chewing grape gum after the lobster roll…… well it doesn’t quite make sense but these are the 4 colors!


Grape Gum Grape Gum – Purple with very subtle red/blue glitter, like a starry night
Lobster Roll Lobster Roll – Solid orange like a cooked lobster
Pink Bikini Pink Bikini – Peachy kinda pink
Water Park Water Park – It’s blue like an ocean, very subtle shiny glitter



They are perfect matches for summer outfits, beach and pool looks !


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