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OPI 2018 Summer Grease Collection Nail Lacquer

Get some Summer loving fun with OPI’s Grease collection which was inspired bye the Broadway’s most zestful musical.  Make a blast with a collection of daring, bright and intense shades. 

Create your fashionable nail art! The new OPI 6 Neon shades Nail Lacquer

Newly released in 2014, along with these 6 Neon shades, […]

Mirror Finishing! OPI Gwen Stefani Collection Metallic Color Lacquer

Get this mirror like reflective finishing. No top coat is needed.

Test your Rockability! OPI Gwen Stefani Collection Lacquer

Rock as Gwen Stefani! Actually beside the super glamourous silver “Push and Shove”, the other 5 colors are not that “rock”; and are quite suitable for all skin types.