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OPI 2018 Summer Grease Collection Nail Lacquer

Get some Summer loving fun with OPI’s Grease collection which was inspired bye the Broadway’s most zestful musical.  Make a blast with a collection of daring, bright and intense shades.  Go ahead, enjoy your self with the memories of dance, gangs and old times teenage dreams from the memorable scenes.


NLG41 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshake

NLG42 Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be

NLG43 Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast!

NLG44 Was It All Just A Dream?

NLG45 Teal Me More, Teal Me More

NLG46 Chills Are Multiplying!

NLG47 Frenchie Like To Kiss?

NLG48 Pink Ladies Rule The School

NLG49 Hopelessly Devoted To OPI

NLG50 You’re The Shade That I Want

NLG51 Tell Me About It Stud

NLG52 Danny & Sandy 4 Ever



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